Demonstration after new suspension of investigation

Hundreds of Lebanese people demonstrated outside a court on Wednesday to condemn the suspension of the investigation into the Beirut port blast.

Protesters, including several relatives of the victims, were able to enter the courthouse, which houses the office of Mr Bitter, the judge in charge of the case, and a large sign displaying photographs of the victims, which mentions “you won’t kill us twice“.

The protesters condemnedpressure and threats“Judge on Bitter.”The matter is bigger than (that) of a judge. matter is (a search) for truth“We wrote on one of the signs.”the public defends justice“, points to another.

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On Monday, Judge Tariq Bitter had to suspend his investigation following a complaint filed against him by a former minister, which calls for his abdication.

In February, his predecessor Fadi Sawan had already been sacked from the case.

The explosion on August 4, 2020, and attributed to the precautionary storage of large amounts of ammonium nitrate, killed at least 214 people, injured more than 6,500 and devastated entire neighborhoods of the capital.

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