Democratic Republic of Congo presides over the organization for one year

From this Saturday, 6 February, the Democratic Republic of Congo will rotate chair of the African Union for a period of one year.

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AU Summit: Democratic Republic of Congo chairs organization for one year

February 06, 2021 14:37

Was revised 06 February 2021 On 14:41

During the opening ceremony of the 34th General Session of the African Union Summit, which is organized by video conferencing, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix-Antoine Tseciki, attained the qualities of power (flag and hammer) and thus became new The head of the Pan-African Organization for the Gaya One-Year Mandate, with the participation of the Heads of State and Government of the 54 member countries of the African Union starting from the morning, the work of the 34th session of the AU summit of Morocco.

Placed under the theme: “Art, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Creating Africa as We Want”, the 34th General Session of the AU Summit will follow a report on progress made in relation to the AU’s response. Coronovirus epidemic in Africa.

The heads of the Union’s 54 member states and the government will also focus on the implementation of the institutional reform of the union, with a focus on the interim report, which will be presented in this regard by the President of Rwanda, Mr. Paul Kagame. , In his capacity as leader on institutional reform.

Another highlight of this simple summit is the election of the new leadership of the African Union Commission.

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