Delayed until fall to matter smart home standards

Matter Smart Home Device Certification Logo

The cases have been postponed until fall 2022.

Connectivity Standards Alliance; Artwork by Stephen Shankland / CNET

substance that is meant to be added Smart home appliances from more than a dozen brandsIt has been delayed till 2022. The setback comes as the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which develops Matter, needs more time to finalize software development kits that will allow businesses to integrate with the platform. , according to a statement released on Thursday.

When fully operational, Matter will allow devices from companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Comcast, GE and many more to work together in a single smart home ecosystem. amazon echo speaker, Google Nest devices And ge smart bulb All can be controlled through the Google Home app.

“Materials are the seal of approval that states that smart devices work together reliably, taking the guesswork out of the buying process,” Connectivity Standard Alliance explains.

The matter has already been delayed. It was originally scheduled for 2020, but has been pushed back several times before this latest delay, which pushed back its summer arrival.

This summer, the alliance will conduct a specification verification program, which will provide the data needed for the first device certification. It will include 130 devices from 50 companies. After the fall launch, the devices will begin the Matter certification process.

Despite the delay, the Connectivity Standard Alliance says member companies are “strongly in agreement, the finish line is in sight and we are reaching the milestone with trust, quality and massive support”.

And barring the delay, your smart home could be connecting more later this year.

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