Definitive creator Harlan Cobain’s new series now on Netflix

If you enjoyed watching Harlan Cobens Foreigner Yes Safe So you’re in luck, because now another series based on the author’s work has arrived on Netflix. Here’s the trailer:

gone forever Available to stream now and looks like it will be an interesting watch.

The five-episode French series revolves around Guillaume Luchessy (Finnegan Oldfield), who thought he had put an end to the horrific tragedy that saw the deaths of the two people he loved most: Sonia. , her first love, and Fred, her brother. .

A decade later, Judith, with whom he has fallen in love, suddenly disappears as they attend her mother’s funeral.

In his quest to find him, he must confront all the truths that his friends and family have laid out from him.

In a statement, Cobain said, “Netflix has been a great partner in adapting my novels to different countries, and it’s so exciting to do so. gone forever in France.

“I am honored to be working with this incredibly talented French cast and team.”

Damien Couvreur, director of the French original Netflix series, said: “We are very pleased that Harlan Cobain and Calt Studios are bringing this exciting story to France.

“gone forever It has all the makings of his great thriller which has created constant joy among our members. ”

The show is set in Paris and is based on Cobain’s book of the same name, which was published in 2002.

It is one of several international Netflix shows based on the author’s work, following the adaptation of his novel. jungle He did a stock transplant last year from New Jersey, USA to Warsaw, Poland.

Nalia Harzoune as Judith. credit: netflix

It is clear that fans are excited to enter the series. One person wrote on social media: “I’m addicted to all your Netflix adaptations, great.”

Another added: “Friday night is fixed!”

The third commented: “Check Missing Actually In Netflix… New one@harlankobainMy weekend in the series is clean! big fan! Thanks ! ”

Said another: “Will not miss… Derived from the suspense book by Harlan Cobain that turns the page and has an incredible plot…[sic]”

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