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A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or an input device such as a gamepad, controller, keyboard or a tool for detecting Speed To generate visual, sound and haptic feedback. This feedback is displayed on video display devices, such as televisions, monitors, Touch Screen or a helmet virtual reality,

Video games are often supplemented with audio feedback provided through speakers or audienceand sometimes from other types of feedback, including haptic technology, Computer games are not all video games. For example, text adventure games, chessDon’t rely on graphical displays.

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The label “video games” casts an absurdly wide net on many different things. There are a million different types of video games out there, and each of them serves as its own form of entertainment media. Since we don’t have concrete labels for all these different types, only style descriptions Wave’sWe’re just saying it’s all a video game. It’s confusing even for those of us known as gamers.

If a person evolved only within video games and later explored all other forms of entertainment that we regularly consume, they might not understand that we see cinema and television as separate types. Why do the media believe supposedly compared to the limit of all Video gameIt is difficult to differentiate between films and the rest of the audiovisual sector.

video games are both Play that happens on one computerMovies interactiveboard games digital and card games or rough simulations of daily life. Some video games are works of artistic expression while others are created specifically for the purpose of pitting players against each other in a competitive manner. But these are all video games.

Is everything a video game?

In recent years, the use of the term “game” has been an issue. confrontation Online causes endless debate as to whether this thing that is undoubtedly interactive entertainment but requires no skill, is actually a video game.

There is often more than one type of video game, even within the same video game. Chain call of duty Features both a linear, story-driven, single player game and a competitive multiplayer mode. Often, it also includes a third cooperative mode that involves fighting zombies or aliens. All of these games are considered to belong to the same genre of video games, but they are actually different products that cater to different types of gamers.

“NBA 2K”, also a franchise annualEven more rich in different modes, including those where you just play basketball, simulate team management and even collect a card game.

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