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NS forks are common in the open source world, and consequently cryptomoneys. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Dash are all currencies that have a common parent form. code source Of Bitcoin and its protocol that is accessible and reusable by anyone.

what is a Fork ?

One Fork one is Software or a protocol whose code is based on an open source project, often in the event that its development is halted. NS forks are not always open source themselves; It has happened many times that private companies have created them for profit. a. degree of changes made by Fork is variable. There is no set rule that forces developers to modify the code a lot to make enough difference in their code Application from source. in the matter of cryptomoneys With active developers, forks Access regularly, whether for security reasons, for customization or to add new features.

Bitcoin Its development came to a halt in early 2010 and many children and grandchildren of the first cryptocurrency were born after that. Ethereum is also the proudest representative as its development was driven by the desire to offer a cryptocurrency that can be used to build decentralized applications when it is low energy hunger and computing power.

« Difficult » Fork And ” Soft » Fork

we must differentiate hard fork And soft fork. In both cases, the encryption code is updated, but the effect of blockchain is not the same. One hard fork is often the preferred option for whatever reason because it creates a new branch In blockchain. Thus, the two blockchains coexist and it is up to the developers to adapt their software to the new rules. One soft fork This has no major impact as there is still only one blockchain left at the end of the update, forcing developers and users to adopt the change.

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