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Caravel is one ship Invented by the Portuguese in 1430, suitable for sail and long voyages. It was made famous by the great maritime expeditions between the 14th and 17th centuries. The caravel results from the crossing between Karbos Arab ship Peach Equipped with square sail, equipped with Latin sail (triangular) and Nordic boats. If the earlier caravels were of relatively modest size (25 tons), the largest would have been able to reach 150 tons.

Benefits of caravel

The high ridges allow it to withstand high sea waves, and a flat bottom to reach the shores without much risk.

Is better than maneuver, thanks to its double wings (Latin and square), which is compatible with all types Let out. Triangular sails allow upside down and tackle, while square sails save Speed When the wind has returned. Correct use of trade winds The Atlantic Ocean thus allowed explorers to bypass Africa or reach the Americas.

Carvale still suffers from disabilities, such as the risk of capping at high speeds due to imbalances caused by Latin rail. Due to their limited capacity, cargo ships had to accompany cargo ships for very long journeys for several months of provisions.

The famous caravel

Of two Christopher Columbus Ship For him Travel to america Since 1492, La pinta And girl, Were caravals. Vasco Da Gama Used caravels for his visits to India, as well as Magellan, To make its way around the world with 5 caravals (the Trinity, San antonio, La victoria, Conception And Santiago) is.

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However, Caravelle’s success was short-lived. It was quickly replaced by gallons and ships, capable of lifting heavy loads and sailing in organized convoys.

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