Deep brain stimulation cures depression

This article is Science et Avenir – La Recherche n ° 897, dated November 2021 . Was taken from

“C,It’s like my view of the world has changed.”, summarizes Sarah, 36, who has benefited from a personalized brain transplant to treat her chronic severe depression, resistant to all other treatments. a discount presented in the review nature medicine, The deep brain stimulation device used makes it possible to bypass the neuronal activity specific to this patient’s depression.

a targeted electrical impulse

The team from the University of California in San Francisco (United States) was the first to map the activation patterns corresponding to its symptoms: a rapid brain wave (gamma wave) in the amygdala was identified as a biomarker of their severe mood disturbances. To counter this, the patient’s mood was changed by sending a targeted electrical impulse: “For the first time in five years I laughed and smiled “, she reports. So the surgeons implanted a permanent device programmed to detect the responsible gamma wave and emit an electrical pulse. “To close” depression.

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