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Following the very good (but very demanding) returns launched at the end of April, Sony’s PS5 is about to welcome a new exclusivity. In fact, on June 11, the Ratchet and Clank Rift apartments will land on the PS5. A particularly anticipated title, exclusive to the new Sony console (understand that this ” Cross generation Like Miles Morales or Sackboy), and who promises to cast us in the eye.

How heavy is the PS5 apart from the ratchet and clank rift?

Less than a month after the game’s release, we now know the weight of this new PS5 game, while awaiting full testing (coming soon) of this Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart. In fact, for many players, the weight of a game today has a definite impact, because depending on your network connection, it will take a few minutes for lucky people to download a “big” game, and some for those who are. Hours lucky. Must be satisfied with a small ADSL connection… or even less.

Apart from the shaft and clank rift, we are not on top of baskets like NBA 2K, Call of Duty or Halo the Master Chief Collection, but it would be necessary to arm ourselves with a little patience to download the game. , The latter will be available very accurately against a download of 62.1 GB. Note that this does not include the patch Day one, And therefore expect to download some additional GB. In this regard, remember that there are a series of external USB SSDs to connect to your PS5 to increase storage.

How to make space on your PS5 SSD?

Note that if network quality is an essential component to take full advantage of your next-gen console for game downloading as well as online gaming or streaming, storage is also a real concern. In fact, despite their “overwhelming” side, our PS5 and Xbox Series X display an SSD with a capacity of less than 1 TB …

Suffice it to say that you have to think regularly to create a little space so that one does not end up with a saturated storage space. At THM Magazine, we’ve also prepared a short guide for you that allows you to recover a few tens of GB on your PS5’s SSD in just a few clicks.

Test the PS5 digital version

In addition to Ratchet and Clank Rift, the game’s pre-download will be available from June 4. In other words, it gives you a good week to download the game, before you finally hit the start button and start the adventure. Apparently, by then, in addition to this shaft and clank rift on the PS5, the entire exam will already be published on THM magazine. So stay connected.

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