Death of actress Judith Siboni, actress and co-producer of the “Sea Women” series

The actress, known for her cathodic pranks with M6 and Téva’s comic past with her friend Olivia Cote, is dead. The reason for his death has not been revealed.

Actress Judith Sibony, designed for the comical past of M6 and TARA with Olivia Cote You ladies (2007–2016), dead, announced his friend Alister’s review on Twitter on Wednesday 31 March Schnock. He did not specify the cause of death.

“Judith is gone. Her intelligence, her talent, and her humor were unfathomable. And, from middle school to the last days. It would only be time to leave each other. Until the next life … This life is disgusting. We Knew it. ”He wrote.

“Judith Sibony gave up with being the dearest in her life: the love of her family. Expressing her thoughts about her parents, her husband, her children, her sisters, and the family of all the actors. And towards her Se Cinema “, added for his part David Rigot, TF1 Communications Director.

“You women” in twenty countries

Judith Sibony and Olivia Cote meet at age 13. “Olivia came to my college because her father was a sports teacher there”, Judith Siboni told last year. Tv 7 days. “She was my first love at first sight and the first great friend of my life. She always says that it’s because of me that she became an actress, as if she were a flaw! (Laughs) She’s doing tap dance Thi, me! From the theater, and I convinced her to come with me. “

“We’ve known each other for three-three years. At first, I found him particularly obnoxious. During a language trip to Greece, we saw each other in the hallway, we wore the same top.” Gaya, I liked it.… And we never quit! ”, Added Olivia Cote during the same interview.

They take classical theater lessons together, then create You ladies, Pastily with absurd and often offensive humor where two friends incarnate various female figures (BCBG mother, rude single, stressed staff …).

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Hearing success, You ladies Adapted in approximately twenty countries including Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Canada. The United Kingdom preferred to air the original series in a subtitled version in 2011. Five seasons were produced in all.

Stage projects

You ladies It was interrupted in 2010 before Teva returned for 20 years with 70 unreleased episodes. Judith Sibony and Olivia Cote reunited last year to star in the M6 ​​family series Friends first. The story of two families living on the same floor and forced to live together.

Since then, Judith Sibony has had solo projects. He realized his dream by joining the contemporary theater troupe Les Chiennes de Navarre, with whom he was scheduled to play this year. Not everyone can be an orphan.

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