Death from coronavirus rocket in Wales after delay count

Twenty-one more people have died in Wales from the carnavirus, according to the latest figures released by Public Health Wales.

A large number of new deaths were reported on Saturday afternoon, bringing the total number of Covid-19s in Wales to 1,66767.

Public Health Wales explained the huge spike in newly recorded deaths, saying it was “too late to be associated with 1 death” that occurred last week in a particular health board area.

The figure still represents a large number of deaths – only 12 deaths were reported in Wales between 3 October and 7 October.

Two deaths were reported on Friday.

Who is managing the coronavirus crisis better? Mark Dreckford or Boris Johnson:

Dr Christopher Williams, director of the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Public Health Wales, said: “Public Health Wales today confirms 21 additional deaths on our data dashboard.

“While this appears to be a daily rise in the number of casualties, the increase is the result of delays in joining the CWM Taf Morgandog Health Board for 1 17 deaths between Saturday 3 and Wednesday October 1 October.

“Public Health Wales provides a quick report on coronaviruses in Wales that is the subject of ongoing data matching. Official statistics on coronavirus deaths in Wales are published weekly by the Office for National Statistics.

“People in every part of Wales need to be steadfast in the direction of social distance – to be two hundred meters away from others and to wash their hands regularly. To do this they must immediately disassociate themselves.

“We remind everyone that if you or a member of your family develops viral symptoms, don’t be late to book a coronavirus test, but mild instead of coughing, fever or taste or smell. You need to get tested for coronavirus immediately to help control the spread of the infection. “

The exact number of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus has not yet been released by Public Health Wells.

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