Deadly mutation coronavirus: Scientists already know where and how it originated

Researchers were able to trace the origin of the new mutant coronavirus virus. According to him, it was built in September in the city of Canterbury in the south-east of England. The new version of the virus spread throughout Britain. That’s why Prime Minister Boris Johnson later threw the country into another lockdown, the Mirror writes.

Britain feared that the mutated tribe might quickly enter abroad. Which eventually happened. Researchers estimate that the new version may be 70% more infectious than the original. However, vaccine developers argue that vaccines should also be effective against this virus mutation.

The new mutation has also been confirmed by the World Health Organization. The first specimen of this version was discovered by scientists on 20 September. Experts believe that new stress can be created by long-term mutations within a person’s “repressed immunity”. This means that mutations can occur in a person with AIDS or cancer, for example.

The first major outbreak of this mutation was discovered by scientists in Kent County in the south-east of England. From there, the virus spread to London. This was the rate of increase in cases caused by the new Coronavirus version which was the main reason for the strict restrictions introduced by the UK in recent weeks.

The new coronovirus strain halted all UK traffic. Watch the TV Nova report:

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