DDR5 bars will heat up, warns Corsair

But fortunately, nothing is impossible for the trail’s disruptors.

DDR5 promises a nice increase in performance compared to DDR4, but Corsair warns: The bars will generate more heat. Thus, according to the company the presence of a heat sink on DDR5 modules, which is always beneficial, but is not required on most DDR3 and DDR4 modules.

George Makris, direct marketer of the DIY branch at Corsair, demonstrates in the video above. Here are his words: “You have to consider that DDR5 induces a much higher operating temperature than DDR4. The voltage regulation has been moved from the motherboard to the module itself, which generates a lot of heat.” [sur les modules] ยป. Luckily, the company has a solution: its updated dual-path heat exchange technology.

Corsair explains the benefits of DDR5

Voltage regulation chips migrate from motherboard to strips

In fact, as demonstrated by George Makris, for DDR5, the strip integrates the energy management integrated circuit (PMIC) and the tension regulation module (VRM); However, until now, these elements were on the motherboard.

There are many advantages to this design. This improves power regulation at the DIMM level, makes it less dependent on the motherboard, and preserves signal integrity for better performance. On the other hand, the flip side of the coin, integrating PMIC and VRM directly on the module, logically replaces the area that generates the heat.

nothing dramatic; Manufacturers risk having to adapt their cooling solutions to these new constraints, which could drive up the bill. Adata is already counting on the DDR5-12600 module with a voltage of 1.6 volts; The official value recommended by JEDEC is 1.1 V. Suffice it to say that at such voltages, heat sinks capable of keeping PMICs, VRMs and memory chips cool. Anyway, there is no doubt that the tests will take these criteria into account.

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