Day-One Update for Super Mario 3D All Stars Live Now (Version 1.0.1)

Day-One Update for Super Mario 3D All Stars Live Now (Version 1.0.1)

Update (Fri 18th September, 2020 01:15 BST): First update Super Mario 3D All Star Just arrived. As expected, version 1.0.1 contains a number of modifications and adjustments.

The co-star mode selects the display when playing in Super Mario Galaxy And solves “some problems” to make other problems more comfortable but does not specify exactly what has been solved. Here’s the full patch note (thanks, Nintendo Everything):

Ver 1.0.1 – Published on September 18, 2020

– Fix / adjust the display in Super Mario Galaxy while playing in co-star mode.
– We’ve also fixed a few issues to allow you to play the game more comfortably.

Have you updated the copy of Super Mario 3D All Stars to version Notice something else? Tell us below.

Main article (Thu 17th September, 2020 05:30 BST): Like it or not, day-one updates have become the standard practice for lots Major Video game releases in recent years. Even Nintendo’s 3-in-1 anniversary collection Super Mario 3D All Star Users will be asked to update it after it launches this Friday.

This information comes via GoNintendo, which also notes how this patch intercepts the game until version 1.0.1:

“We’re not entirely sure what the update will do because the patch notes haven’t been shared yet. We know this will block the game until version 1.0.1.”

You will probably be able to play the game out of the box, you will probably still want to update to this latest version. Our idea is to fix some small bugs here to slightly enhance the overall experience.

In other words, don’t expect to patch it Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Although we are all for it (Nintendo if you read).

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