Davis Cup in ticker: German men’s team in semi-finals for the first time since 2007

  • Davis Cup, Quarterfinals
  • Game 1: Evans (GBR) – Gojoczyk (GER) 6:2, 6:1
  • Game 2: Norrie (GBR) – Struff (GER) 6: 7, 6: 3, 2: 6

GBR (Salisbury/Skupsky) – Germany (Kroitz/Putz) 6:7, 6:7

Second set: Germany in Davis Cup semi-finals! Out of understanding. What a tiebreaker. The German doubles trail 0:5, then score seven points in a row and get this tiebreak as well. In the end they beat British doubles Salisbury/Skupsky 7:6 and 7:6!

Second sentence: Match ball! Out of understanding. Six consecutive points for Germany!

Second sentence: Five points in a row for Germany! 5:5!

Second sentence: Super return from Kravitz! Everything back in line. 5:4 For the British. Now two surcharges for Pütz!

Second sentence: Germany is fighting its way back! Only 3:5. Now suddenly the pressure is back on the British.

Second sentence: It is already very clear. The British dominated the tiebreaker! 5-0. In the case of 5:1, the sides are switched shortly afterwards.

Second sentence: 4:0 Great Britain!

Second sentence: Two strong comebacks on the British side. It’s not looking good for the German couple. 0: 3!

Second sentence: The British submitted. 1: 0!

German doubles force tiebreaker

Second movement: Putz over the net, then Kravitz from the baseline. 6:6! tie break!

Second sentence: Germany falters! After 40:0 it suddenly becomes 40:40!

Second sentence: 6:5 For the strong British! Kravitz is now under pressure on serve.

Second sentence: The atmosphere in the hall remains good even without spectators. The reason for this is two teams who are constantly cheering their teammates loudly.

Second sentence: It’s so easy to balance to 5:5!

Second sentence: Putz with an ace. Is it good! Three match balls for Germany.

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Germany – Great Britain: Strong service game on both sides

Second sentence: 5:4 To Great Britain! The German double now serves against the loss of a set.

Second sentence: Salisbury hits an insane level. The first continues really well. 40:15.

Second sentence: It goes on like the first round. Slowly we are getting closer to the second tiebreak.

Second sentence: Excellent service game from Skupski. Again headed for the British. It smells like a tie-break once again.

Second sentence: And again Putz hits extremely hard! zero to 3:3

german double missed brake

Second sentence: And in the end the British also get this game. Missed chance for German double!

Second sentence: Tried praise from Putz. A little too long Game ball for the British.

Second sentence: Now the German is sniffing the double break. 30:30!

Second sentence: Both the pairs have no problem with their respective serves. Kravitz/Putz compensate.

Second sentence: However, Great Britain is focused on bringing its own service game down to zero. Guide to the British.

Second sentence: But Putz made several good first serves. Compensation!

Second sentence: Great first serve game by the British! Lost a 1-0 lead!

Sensational tie-break! Germany won the first set

First sentence: Germany took the first sentence! What’s exciting here in the first round. 12:10 Finally for Kravietz / Pütz!

1 sentence: Great service from Pütz. The ball from the fourth set is now also available for the German doubles!

1 sentence: 10:10!

1st set: Set point for the British, 4th set!

1 sentence: The spectacle continues. Sensational reactions on both sides of the network. 9:9!

First set: Third set for Germany!

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1 sentence: What is this incredible first sentence here? Germany counters, 8:8.

First set: Next set is point for the British!

1 sentence: What a thriller! Driven away!


1 sentence: 6: 6. Very simple mistake by Skupski.

1 sentence: The return from Kravitz is outstanding. Only serve 5:6 more putz.

First set: Two sets of balls for Great Britain!

1 sentence: That’s impossible! Double blame by Kravitz. 4:5 from a German point of view and served by Kravitz.

1 sentence: Two points in a row from the British. Everything reopened. 4:4.

1 sentence: But then Putz and a great comeback from 4:2. Sides are switched.

1 sentence: Salisbury with great returns. The mini brake is gone. 3:2 for Germany.

1 sentence: Great start for the German double in the tiebreaker. Here’s the mini break. 2:1!

British defend themselves against Germany in tiebreak

1 sentence: The British are protecting themselves. It’s going for the tiebreak!

1 sentence: First entry! Germany is close to winning the set here!

1 sentence: Kravitz risks everything on his return, but the ball lands in the net. Match ball for Great Britain.

1 sentence: Strong service. 30:30. The voltage rises.

1 sentence: Pressure for Great Britain. Kravitz is on his first comeback. Then serve super. Skupski double fault. 3:30 pm!

Germany defends itself – Game 0:30 . starts after

First Movement: Too Strong! Spiel Deutschland turns 0:30 into 30! 6:5!

1 sentence: But now serves two nice from Pütz’s side. 30:30. In this first part the tension builds up.

1 sentence: And now the German double staggers. Strong comeback from Salisbury twice. 0:30.

1 sentence: This is the warm up phase of the first movement. Germany takes the lead to zero, but the British face you in straight service Salisbury. 5:5!

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1 sentence: But the British are even better at it now. Skupski has found his rhythm. 40: 0! And after some time it becomes equal to 4:4.

1 sentence: Strong overload from service to the outside world. renewed leadership. If the Germans continue to serve like this, they are guaranteed a tiebreak.

1 sentence: Salisbury acts much more strongly than its partner. The Germans have no chance of serving him once again.

1 sentence: However, Kravietz/Pütz can’t be stopped at your own service. lead again.

1 sentence: In the end, though, two good first serve and equalizers.

German double with a strong start

1 sentence: Now the British are trembling for the first time. 30:30. Germany sniffs the brakes.

1 sentence: Kravitz is the best player in the opening round. Great responses and 2:1 from German on the net.

1 sentence: But the British too with a strong first service game. Kravitz was really good at the comeback. Still 1:1 from Salisbury and Skupski’s point of view.

1 sentence: And the Germans enter here really well. Germany got the first game for zero.

Movement 1: Let’s go! Kravitz acts for the German couple.

7.30 pm: Welcome to Focus Online Live Ticker and for the decisive third game in the Davis Cup quarterfinal between Great Britain and Germany. In doubles, the German dream pair Kravitz and Putz meet the British Salisbury and Skupski.

Initially, DTB player Peter Gojowski lost against Daniel Evans on 2:6, 1:6. After only 55 minutes, the game was decided in favor of the favorite Briton. Jan-Lenard Struff equalized for Germany in an intense game after three sets against Cameron Nori.

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