Darren Till Explains Why MMA Is Even More Formidable Than Boxing

Till Explains Why MMA Is Better Than Boxing
credit: Instagram Darren Till

Darren Till took to Twitter to explain why he thinks the sport of mixed martial arts is better than boxing.

The UFC fighter started a debate after his tweet in which he compared MMA and boxing.

Over the past few decades, MMA has seen impressive growth compared to other sports. This is particularly valid at the international level, where the discipline has reached unparalleled heights despite its young age. The fighter defended his comments by talking about the upcoming fight between Khamzat Chimaev and Gilbert Burns at UFC 273, until it was explained why fans are more interested in MMA:

, Boxing is great, but MMA is even more. The UFC wants the fight to be seen by the fans and the world… This doesn’t happen with boxing… In the UFC, the best fight is the best. There are millions of world champions in boxing who say they are the best, ,

Boxing has been a huge success for more than half a century and its golden age was when television allowed it to reach new audiences. At that time MMA was not even considered a sport. After a difficult period marked by minor movements in favor of MMA, the sport’s popularity reached its peak in the United States and the United Kingdom with the arrival of true superstars such as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. Must say, no female boxer has reached Rousey’s level of stardom.

From the early days of the Tough Guy contest to the emergence of major organizations like Pride, Strikeforce and the UFC, the perception of the sport has changed dramatically for the better. As a global sport, fans have seen some of the most notable talent come from regions such as Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latin America and other places to form a strong group of over 100 countries.

and you ? Are you Team MMA or Team Boxing?

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