Darpa wants to build his ekranoplan

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[EN VIDÉO] Kezako: How to fly the airplane?
About one plane takes off around the world every second. A century after its introduction, aviation has become one of the safest modes of transportation. Like a bird, an airplane flies because it has wings, which generate a force called lift. The University of Lille, with the Cazaco program, explains this principle to us in this short didactic video.

here is the return ekranoplansSoviet plane looks like a giant aquaplane Those who used ground effect to fly low on water or on a flat surface. But this time it’s in favor of Darpas That this concept wants to see the light of day. Project door name of the liberty lifter And it is a tactical cargo aircraft with a wide range. a. designed like aquaplaneI’airplaneMust be able to get on and off water and lift very heavy loads. It would have to remain stable even on rough water and would also have to give up ground impact to be able to fly at moderate altitudes. Like the Soviet ekranoplans, liberty lifter Can fly over water like a hydrofoil, pace Very high but, unlike them, it should be more maneuverable and be able to fly over rough seas.

liberty lifter Must be economical to manufacture, have a long distance and be able to carry heavy goods. In this video we can see that Darpa has imagined a double torso. © Darpa

A “low cost” ekranoplan

At present, DARPA is only in the first phase of this project, that is, we can say concept. We can also see this in a video published by the organization (see above). Since this aircraft will be capable of carrying heavy loads, it means that its raise Must be very high at low speed to be sure water drop smoothly and without breaking. It would also have to be able to absorb forces Wave’s, Another constraint, it would have to be able to remain operational at sea for weeks without requiring maintenance. Ultimately, Darpa wants to reduce its production bill as much as possible by using materials that are more economical than those used in aviation.

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