Dark Crystal reveals Games’ Encased release date

Prime Matter and Dark Crystal Games are pleased to announce the official release dateAttach, his next dystopia in isometric view. It is scheduled for September 7, 2021.

Set in an alternate version from 1976, the Dome, a vast and mysterious artifact, is discovered in a remote desert. The gigantic structure is filled with incredible technology, centuries ahead, that could take humanity a giant leap forward in its scientific advancement. You are one of the people chosen to enter.

Players begin with one of five disciplines available: scientist, engineer, security guard, manager or criminal. This early choice will not only have a direct impact on his early stats and expertise, but will also open up (or remove) his unique dialogues throughout his adventure. After entering the dome and finishing the first level, a cataclysm will unfold and turn the hope of tomorrow into a desolate world.

On his journey under the dome, our hero will face factions that compete for power. Each has its own vision for the future of humanity, which will affect the end of the game.

With all the elements of an RPG, including exploration, combat, discovery and more, you’ll travel through a variety of environments crafting weapons and items. Make sure each day is not the last.

As you progress through the story, you will come across six different factions that have emerged in the region. Whether they become your friends or your enemies is up to you.

inspired by books like Roadside Picnic PicMILF The Game MechanicsAttach Are derived from RPG and survival games.

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Attach Now available for Early Access on Steam. Players can participate in the first act as well as part of the second.

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