Danny Dyer believes aliens have lived among us and visited us for centuries

Danny Dyer believes that aliens walk among us and thinks that they have been visiting the planet since the time of Ancient Egypt, which he believes is evidenced by hieroglyphs from that time.

The 44-year-old shares his supernatural beliefs with his daughter, Danny sorted with dirs podcast.

In a recent episode, Dyer told his daughter that he believed aliens had come to Earth because we “fucked up” the planet.

Danny Dyer with his daughter Danny Dyer. credit: Alamy

eastenders The actor explained: “Aliens, they are among us. They are there now because they can see how much we are destroying this fucking planet.

“There are grays that are most common with massive heads. You can go back to Egyptian times and some of the things they’ve scratched on the walls speak volumes.

“Aliens came on them very often and of course you didn’t have a cell phone or internet, so nobody could really report it.

An alien who forgot the key to his door.  credit: Alamy
An alien who forgot the key to his door. credit: Alamy

“The only way to say you’ve met an alien was to scratch it on a fucking wall.” ,

He also revealed: “I saw a couple. I won’t go into it now.

This is not the first time Dyer has shared his views on foreign visitors – in 2010 he appeared in a BBC documentary titled I believe in UFOs: Danny Dyer,

In case the very self-explanatory name wasn’t clear enough for you, the film centered around Dyer’s belief that not only do aliens exist, but they’ve also made their way to our planet.

credit: Alamy
credit: Alamy

Speaking in June 2014, Dyer said he would like aliens to visit us at some point.

He told BBC1 radio host Matt Edmondson: “Yes. I saw UFOs. It wasn’t a plane, it certainly wasn’t a balloon, it wasn’t a Chinese lantern. ,

what a joke Edmondson did; “Was it a kite?” ,

And Dyer replied, “It was a very fast kite, I tell you!” You’re just one of them who won’t believe it. I want an alien to come down and make a short visit to you. I will pay dearly for it. ,

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