Dakhla Smart City project embodies new vision of Southern development

The main objective of this new urban center is to support the development of the city of Dakhla and to respond to the need to contribute to the building of the city of tomorrow.

A public-private partnership agreement was signed on Monday, November 8, 2021, in Dakhla between the Al Omrane Group, the municipality of El Argoub and an economic interest group (GIE) of private developers for the realization of the poll. Dakhla Smart City”. The meeting was notably attended by the Wali of the region of Dakhla-Oed Eddahab, Oued Eddahab Province Governor, Lamin Benomar, Regional Council President, El Khattat Yanza, Oued Eddahab’s Provincial Council President. Mohamed Salem Hammiya and the chairman of the Communal Council of Dakhla, Erragheb Hormatullah, as well as elected officials and heads of decentralized services.

Signing this partnership agreement, Badre Kanouni, Chairman of the Management Board of Al Omrane, did not fail to point out that the Dakhla Smart City project is part of a new generation of urban projects promoting sustainable development and strengthening connectivity and mobility. Is. . About thirty urban architects participated in the competition for ideas for the development of Dakhla Smart City, out of which six finalists were selected. The master plan will be carried out within the framework of an architectural competition presented to a jury, consisting of public partners including established private developers such as Al Omrane and EIG.

According to Badr Kanouni, the project of the new urban pole thus solidifies the new vision of the development of the southern provinces in general and the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region in particular. The Chairman of the Board of Management of Al Omarane, also did not fail to specify that this new urban pole, which extends to about 275 hectares at the level of the rural commune of El Argoub, is in view of public-private partnership. between the Al Omrane Group and an economic interest group (GIE) of private developers.

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In addition, he indicated that the Al Omrane Group has committed approximately 7 billion dirhams (MMDH) since the beginning of its establishment and the implementation of state and community programs in the southern provinces. % of the population of these provinces, to benefit from programs to tackle unclean housing and improve living conditions.

The Al Omrane Group is currently working, in coordination with the Ministry of National Land Use Planning, City Planning, Housing and City Policy and local and regional authorities, to establish new programs requiring additional investments of up to 2.56 billion dirhams. With its expertise in urban planning and development, Al Omrane is involved in carrying out off-site planning works and basic structural equipment after the approval of the master plan.

Thus, the establishment of this new urban center would also be possible to open up new investment opportunities in terms of economic activities, tourism and services.

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