Dakhla: Aite Taleb visits two vaccination stations against Kovid-19

As part of the progress of the National Immunization Campaign against Kovid-19, Health Minister, Khalid Ait Taleb visited two vaccination stations in Dakhla on Friday.

The Minister of Health, who was particularly in tune with the region of Dakhla-Oid Adhaab, the governor of Oud Adahab province, Lamin Benomar, and the president of the region’s council of Dakhla Od Eidhab, L Khattat Yanja, references within Hassan II Hospital in Dakhla Went to the center and to the vaccination station at the “Corralum” youth center to inquire about the progress of vaccination against the new coronavirus.

At the same time, explanations were presented to Eite Taleb on the status of epidemiology at this vaccination campaign and at the regional level.

In a press statement, Ait Taleb asserted that the visit is part of tourism aimed at monitoring the progress of the national vaccination campaign launched by HM King Mohammed VI on 28 January.

The vaccination operation is taking place at a “sustained” pace, he said, welcoming the citizens’ strong support for this operation.

The national vaccination campaign has been tarnished internationally today, he said, adding that Morocco is in “very advanced” stage, confirming that the vaccination challenge has been classified among the countries that have been successful, which is expected objectives Is to receive. as fast as possible.

Similarly, At Taleb praised the great mobilization of local authorities and health workers, which aims to ensure a good organization of this operation.

During the visit, mobile vaccination units were launched in the Dakhla Oued Eddahab region, which would be responsible for conducting vaccines to people living in remote areas, patients and the elderly.

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Khalid Ait Taleb El Guergurat will visit the mobile vaccination unit at the vaccination station at the border outpost and Bir Gandouz center and inaugurate the “Local Emergency Situation Unit” at the 2nd level health center at Bir Gandouj.

It should be noted that the aim of the vaccination campaign is to reach about 80% of the population, ending cases of contamination and death, with the possibility of an epidemic decreasing and then a gradual withdrawal due to an epidemic. .

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