DakDakGo condemns Google’s Android search engine auction as “fundamentally flawed”

DakDakGo condemns Google's Android search engine auction as "fundamentally flawed"

According to the results of Google’s most recent default search engine auction, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has beaten competitor Dakdakgo and will now be offered as an alternative for Android users when setting up in selected European countries. The most frequently offered duckdakgo before was not satisfied and the company called Google’s auction process a pay-to-play.

“The remedy for this EU distrust is to further strengthen Google’s dominance in mobile search through boxing, taking advantage of the alternative search engines that consumers want to use and the search engines that remain, taking advantage of them from the menu of choice,” DuckDoggo wrote in a blog post yesterday. “The auction model is largely defective and must be replaced.”

The European Union (EU) fined Google ২০১ 4.3 billion (৫ 5 billion) in response to an unjust ruling by the European Union (EU) in response to Google’s decision to illegally link its Chrome browser and Google search tools to the Android operating system. If you set up a new Android phone purchased from an EU member state, Google now randomly displays four search engine options on a per-device basis, depending on which companies bid against each other for the right to appear on the list based on what appears. How much is Google willing to pay each time a user chooses their own platform?

The auction is quarterly, with the first results effective in March. The results of this recent auction will be effective between October and December. Competitive search engines include Bing (13 countries), DocDocGo (8 countries), Info.com (all 31 countries), GMX (116 countries), Privacy (22 countries) and Yandex (8 countries).

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Dakdakgo, which has failed to win more than eight countries after big wins in past auctions, has criticized the process as not a legitimate way to satisfy European regulators and increase search engine competition. The company said it was “pricing this auction because we chose not to maximize our profits by exploiting our users”, which meant it made less money per search and was therefore unable to bid as much as competitors in the search engine business.

“This auction format encourages bidders to bid as they can expect a profit from the users. The long-term result is that participating Google Options must give Google their most preferred menu profit, “read the company’s blog post.” Google’s auction encourages search engines to be worse on privacy, increase advertising, and refrain from donating for good reasons. , If they do these things, they can offer more bids. “

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