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On Tuesday, 28 September at the replay of the first part of the Quotidien: Julian Belver expressed surprise about Marine Le Pen’s fall in the polls. A party with 28% voting intentions in June, the national rally candidates this month are only 16%. A disappointment that he owes, among others, to Eric Zemor. In his 7:30 p.m. media, he also sees the Ethic’s XXL speaking time. Only one is suitable: Emmanuel Macron. Julian Belver also cited the shortage of gasoline and medicines and manpower in the United Kingdom as the first effects of Brexit. In her Zoom, Lilia Hassan becomes interested in Eric Zemour’s strategy. Invited everywhere on TV sets for a week, the brawlers prefer to self-direct the tempo of their interviews. Obviously, he feels less comfortable when asked questions that he doesn’t know how to answer. In his brigade, Ambre Chalumo is interested in the latest James Bond. After months of waiting and several postponements, ‘Die Can Wait’ is finally out in theaters. In his 8:15 a.m. Express, Paul Gasnier looks back on Yannick Jadot’s victory in Elementary Environmentalists with Sophie DuPont and Paul Moisson.

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