Cyprus will become a separate country for vaccinators

H.According to the State Department, access to key business centers in East Asia is required. Even after this new segregation exemption for business travelers, athletes and journalists, they will have to fight stricter rules elsewhere.

Hong Kong

Travelers coming to Hong Kong from foreign countries / territories, who are not Hong Kong residents, will be denied entry to Hong Kong.

All travelers entering Hong Kong, including Hong Kong residents, must undergo a mandatory treatment when the coronavirus arrives and go through a 14-day mandatory separation. Arrivals can be placed at a government quarantine center in Hong Kong.


In addition to Singapore citizens and permanent residents of Singapore who are allowed to enter Singapore from the UK (and most other countries) must take a negative Covid-19 test (PCR test) within 72 hours of travel. You will be issued a 14-day State Home Notice (SHN) for mandatory separation upon arrival.


Non-Japanese nationals wishing to travel for short-term business purposes are also allowed entry, provided they have a visa. However, under these rules, the number of people allowed to enter Japan will be limited, and those who leave will be given priority.

Non-Japanese nationals must provide written proof of the results of the negative Covid-19 test conducted within 72 hours of their departure if they have visited the UK in the last 14 days. You will also need to provide a written assurance or sponsorship from your company that segregation will be arranged upon arrival.

All passengers arriving in Japan must avoid using public transport, including self-isolation for 14 days after arriving at a designated place (such as a hotel or home) and leaving the airport.

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South Korea

All foreign short-term travelers should be segregated at government-scheduled facilities for 14 days upon arrival. Those arriving from the USA and Europe will be screened at the time of entry before being transferred to a separate segregation facility; Arrivals from elsewhere will leave at the separation facility and will be tested within 14 days.

Individuals have to pay a daily charge of about 100,000 KRW (about £ 66) to facilitate government segregation.

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