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The 2022 Fayetteville Cyclocross World Championships is drawing closer and closer and the men’s race presents a certainty: there will be a new world champion. The loss of two stalwarts of the discipline, Mathieu van der Poel and Vout van Aert, leaves a huge void in the box of the big favorites for the race on 30 January, leaving the prediction very open, as at least in the last never was before. ten years.

In fact, the two aforementioned events split the previous seven titles, which went to the Dutch side four times and the Belgian side three times, essentially creating a dichotomy that has not only extended beyond World Championship testing, but Looking at the incredible Palmares put together on the road by van Aert and van der Poel, even beyond the boundaries of the discipline.

There are many names that will start with the highest ambitions of all time, some of them defining it as the “chance of a lifetime”., So on American soil a large group of Belgians will be ready to give everything, which will be faced by a few Dutch people and above all by a British who will try to make history. No United Kingdom athlete has ever worn a rainbow jersey in cyclocross, but Tom Pidcock has all the credentials to be the first, After being the first man to reach the podium in a World Test in 2020.

Belgium’s most popular is of course Eli Iserbeit, the great hero of the season, in which he managed to find his First confirmation in the general classification of the World Cup, The leader of Powells Sausanne-Bingol won the last race in France and appears to have returned to the peak of form at the start of the season. The domestic competition will mainly come from Toon Artes, who have always been on the podium in the last three editions. And perhaps those attendees who suffered the most in terms of results because of the presence of the two champions. The other two with winning ambitions are Michael Vanthorenhout of Belgium., second in 2018 and second in this year’s world cup, E Quinton Hermanus, a man capable of great feats and above all vCup stage winners in Fayetteville this season With an exceptional solo action with which I control Iserbyt and Vantourenhout. Of course, since that October 13th it seems like an eternity has passed, but of course the conditions will be the same.

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Cyclocross, Eli Iserbeit dominates in Flamenville and advances his candidacy for the World Championships

Among the candidates for victory it is impossible not to name Lars van der Haar, the European champion and a man of great opportunities. The Dutchman seems to be in decline in recent weeks, but someone like him always knows how to find resources at critical moments. Behind the above six athletes who present themselves as favourites, opens a large group of potential outsiders, of which it is appropriate to name the second Orange Come Korn Van KeseyThe other four Belgians: Laurence Sweak, Vincent Bestens, Gianni Vermeersch and Toon Vandebosch,

The Blue Team has little ambitions, even with its best men, Giole Bertolini and Jacob Dorigoni, it is unlikely that it will be able to aim for a very significant result. The minimal aim seemed to improve on the previous edition’s results (the best was Italian Bertolini, 23rd), but finding a result already close to the top 10 would be considered a minor success.

photo LiveMedia/DPPI/Fabien Boukla

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