Cyclist arrested teen George Floyd noted that he was arrested on posters

A 60-year-old man was arrested Friday for a viral video of an angry, spandex-clad cyclist who attacked a teenager while sending George Floyd leaflets.

Anthony Brennan III from Kensington, Maryland, was cycling in a pathway just outside Washington DC just before 13:00. Monday as claimed caught on camera With one hand, he grabs the young man’s arms and breaks with him with the other hand.

“Get him out!” Another woman yells at the man in the video.

“F – k you,” claims Brennan, allegedly, before getting around the man who filmed his bike shoes.

Later Brennen pushed his bike to the man and caused him to fall, the Montgomery County division of Park Police.

Brennan is accused of attacking three young people in total: the man who recorded the video, the woman who sent the flyers and the other woman who shouted at her.

The trio, ranging in age from 17 to 19, were flying to call for community action on the death of George Floyd.


According to the police, Brennan was charged three times for a second-order offensive after residents sent hundreds of tips to the department.

The police first contacted Brennan and his lawyer on Friday, and they agreed to let the police call her home.

Montgomery County State Attorney John McCarthy told the Washington Post that investigators found a bike that was “consistent with what was worn” on the camera and looked like a cassette.

Police said he voluntarily returned later Friday, after serving Brennan on an arrest warrant.

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“Maryland-National Capital Park Police appreciate the courage and civic involvement of the victims who stand out in this regard,” the ministry said. Said.

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