Cyberpunk 2077 special refund policy will expire soon

Starting next month, Microsoft will revert its Cyberpunk 2077 special refund policy to its normal practices.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that has generated a lot of ink. CD Projekt RED After Years of Waiting and Teasing And a big communication with Keanu Reeve at the headliner, it’s the problems specifically encountered and the oft-repeated bugs that mark the news of the game.

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The launch was so disastrous that in December 2020 the studio officially apologized and a refund campaign was launched. It should also be noted that Sony literally removed the game from the Playstation store, given the magnitude of concerns the console was facing.

to return to normal

Cyberpunk has been extremely difficult to develop and is certainly too ambitious which has left many fans disappointed. Pressure from studios to get the developers to wrap up the game quickly certainly didn’t help. Nevertheless, by work and update, The situation seems to be finally stabilizing for the game.

Indeed, Sony recently announced the return of the Polish publisher’s final title on the PS Store. However, Sony is warning gamers against the performance of the standard PS4 version and advises that for now, only get the game if you have a PS4 Pro or PS5.

After the Japanese manufacturer, It’s Microsoft’s turn to highlight the efforts made by developers. “The CD Projekt Red Team is working hard to improve the experience for Xbox players on Cyberpunk 2077 and has rolled out several updates,” the US announced on the refund page.

So from 6th July 2021, Microsoft will remove special policy implemented for Cyberpunk 2077 and will return to standard operation. Generally, although players are allowed to request a refund, it is always reviewed and may not be approved. So cyberpunk was an exception and it will soon end.

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A good thing for CD Projekt, which is starting to see the end of the tunnel. Of course, the game isn’t free of bugs and not everything is resolved yet, but it shows that the game is widely playable on consoles today as well. Still, the lesson must have been well learned, as the publisher has decided to announce these games not too early to avoid being in this situation again.

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