Customers get new editing features on Google Photos

Google has just introduced sophisticated editing features to Google Photos that were previously only available on Google Pixel smartphones. All Android users can now enjoy these features. However, to access these new options, Google One will require a paid subscription.

Rumors about the release of possible non-free features of Google Photos have been circulating for some time. On February 11, 2021, Google officially confirmed it by presenting its offer to Google One customers. Web giants are highlighting some of these new editing tools based on machine learning.

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The Google One Subscriber will eventually have the ability to enhance its blurry images, change the light and use the pop color feature, introduced by the latest Pixel 5.

Older editions are not slipping for free Google Photos users!

Google has assured this: Existing versions of features intended for Google Photos users are not being removed. Non-subscribers will thus still be able to enjoy color pop, portrait blur, portrait mode shooting and many other equally interesting features. A combination of these features adapted for recent photos is still available.

For the new version dedicated to Google One Subscriber and Pixel users, the features will be more successful. With very powerful machine learning features. Image processing works on older photos, even if they do not have depth data. Pixel users, whether they subscribe to Google One or not, all the features will be free.

Premium editing features for membership from $ 1.99

For your information, Android users can purchase a Google One membership for US $ 1.99. Subscription pricing is in principle fixed on the expansion of storage for Google services. The basic formula will allow subscribers to provide 100 GB of space, of which 15 GB is free. Google One will soon become a solution for users who really need the advanced features of Google Photos.

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On these new features, new filters based on artificial intelligence are also proposed. A dynamic option was then developed to allow automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast. Users will also be able to benefit from a bank of “Akash suggestions”, which will help them to create more brilliant funds.

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