“Curtain” for Boris Johnson? Prime Minister is getting weaker

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Wednesday is in high tension for Boris Johnson. The British prime minister will face weekly questions from the government at noon the day after a wave of resignations within his government. Ten departures, including two powerful ministers, Rishi Sunak in economy and Sajid Javid in health. This 6 July, British newspapers speak only of “Bojo”‘s precarious position.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wines

, johnson on the edge of the cliff , Times He dedicates his entire front page to the Prime Minister, of whom he displays a picture of him looking worried. When it’s not a portrait of Boris Johnson, it’s the faces of the two resigned faces, Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak with all smiles, that grace the pages of dailies this Wednesday morning.

pessimism of editorial writers

Wire, a fervent supporter of conservatives, returns to the reasons for departure (lack of integrity and self-confidence, according to those leaving). But editorialists are pessimistic about the future of Downing Street’s tenants, compared to E-mail One ” Slightly greasy piggy bank capable of squeezing out of the dead end , he can’t even survive , it’s time for him to leave , Who will replace Boris Johnson as the head of the Tories? ,

for GuardianThe question on the left is not whether the Prime Minister will resign or not… but when and how!

The most creative cover goes to the end daily starAnother newspaper, which declares: Bozo. curtain for », (with reference to the cartoon clown), « Fired from the job of circus owner because he’s an idiot ,

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