Curious discovery of a rock-cut gateway on Mars!

This photo was taken by Curiosity’s Mastcam on May 7. at the center of a geological feature is called greenhugh pediment, ten years of discovery red Planet And this Nomad Of NASA Doesn’t seem to want to end up giving us strong emotions. This time with this astonishing structure, which is being misunderstood door a. dug by extraterrestrial civilization In the rock of Mars. Almost like the entrance to one of our pyramids. Enough to excite many imaginations.

However, the reality may disappoint you. Because what we see on this image is more likely a fracture formed quite naturally by shear. The result was, perhaps, a type of stress that partially ended up breaking the rock. no doubt on the occasion of a earthquake As recently recorded by Insight Mission,

Also note that the size of the structure in question remains unknown. It may even be only a few centimeters. after the weird cubic structure search on moon to speak chinese rover Yutu-2, pareidolia – the phenomenon where we see known structures where nothing is in common, such as when we recognize shapes clouds – moreover that continues to make us dream – or fear – encountering a supernatural life form one day.

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