Cumberland-in issued with notice for violation of Covid-19

Cumberland-in issued with notice for violation of Covid-19

Carlisle City Council is reminding licensed premises to follow coronavirus guidelines or face litigation.

The incident happened after the council issued a ban notice to Carbill today for not controlling the risk of getting the virus.

The council is warning local pubs that they must abide by the rules of social distance. Strict action is planned for businesses that refuse to comply with the rules.

The notice of prohibition issued under the Health Protection Rules, 2020 prohibits the public from using the venue as a place for dancing and as a place to play, live or record music. The site is also being investigated for work and health safety violations of 1974 for failing to protect both workplace and members of the public from coronavirus risks.

Operators of licensed premises are reminded that it must be of such a nature and volume to avoid encouraging dancing where music is played at the venue and for people to unnecessarily raise their voices towards each other. These include, but are not limited to, refraining from playing music that may encourage screaming to play in a volume that reinforces normal conversation.

Regulatory authorities and police are working together to monitor the situation in Carlisle and those who have been found to have violated the guidelines will be investigated.

A spokesman for Carlisle City Council said: “As soon as the new stringent sanctions take effect, we are reminding local businesses that we will take action if we do not comply with the rules. “Our priority is to have the safety of the pubs and the rules to protect everyone.”

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All employers have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety Act to assess and manage the risk of Covid-19 and to protect workers and consumers. This means that businesses need to think about the risks they face and do everything they can to reduce them. This responsibility is not only related to the risk within the business, but also to the outside area related to the business, for example, the beer gardens and the rows on the highway / sidewalk waiting to enter the premises.

Government guidelines remain in effect and all businesses must complete a risk assessment that shows they have taken appropriate measures to protect their customers and employees.

Customers entering the guest reception venue take note of the instructions given to the business operators and it is very important to follow them. These controls are designed to ensure that they are protected while enjoying the benefits. It is in everyone’s interest to take care of themselves and others at a time when there is a risk of Kovid-19 infection.

Guidance will be available on how to operate safely during an epidemic, including social distance measures.

Locals are asked to contact the City Council by emailing their environmentতা if they have concerns about non-compliance with the virus rules.

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