Culture, education, sports: a gradual decline outlined by politicians

As Flanders in Wallonia, political leaders have been requesting the reopening of territories since the beginning of spring. Experts are more cautious.

a Ten days before the next Consultative Committee (CODECO), a waltz of policies entreating decontamination, and due diligence experts have begun.

On this Tuesday morning, Pierre-Yves Jehlet, Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, felt that this meeting could lead to a series of roadmaps that would offer possibilities of mistrust for different regions.

“It’s time to take a series of measures,” he pleads.

Facing the psychological anguish of young people, it is “necessary” that students “return to the month of March” on their campus and that secondary school students can receive “100% face-to-face” education after school holidays. . Easter.

For the cultural sector, which has stalled since the fall, the minister-president believes there is also time to loosen hold to allow shows and concerts to resume, enforcing “very strict” health protocols. is.

When asked about the possible resumption of major festivals this summer, the Minister-President felt here that it was still committed. “I don’t want to expect false”.

He also considered it important to be able to present the possibilities of deconfiguration in the hospitality sector, “but we won’t be able to do everything at the same time”, he admitted.

Too early for health experts

Joachim Conse, president of CD & V, a guest of VRT-Radio, was also optimistic about the contamination and the current shortages at the hospital. However, he felt that if rested, he would only be able to aim for away matches.

The presidents of MR and N-VA have already urged them to reopen the restaurant in the early spring.

But health experts, including Erika Vulghe and Steven Van Gucha, believe that such easing is yet to be considered.

If the figures continue to fall, Mr. Coins believes that we should once again allow more social contacts, certainly out.

But should we first relax the rules of social interaction for the population, or reopen some areas? “Both can be done simultaneously,” Coens believes.

“If we can do something to drink together on a terrace, it will be as good for our morale as it is for the hospitality sector.”

Guest Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickburn (Open World) of Bell-RTL also believes that the first release will primarily target outdoor activities. “The danger is less great”, he justified.

For him, it is too early to commit to announcements now. “We should avoid giving false hope. The numbers will continue to decline, ”he stressed.

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