Cultural exchange with the United Kingdom at risk?

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Will Brexit have a cultural exchange with the United Kingdom? In any case, the sector is one of the larger forgotten Brexit. The agreement on new EU-UK relations concerns trade, but not defense or finance, but also the cultural sector. Already as a major difficulty, with coronovirus epidemics everywhere in the world, British artists would face great difficulties to perform in the European Union.

His last concert outside the UK, Ben Dawson remembers it well: My last public concert was in Paris in March last year, a day before the first imprisonment set by the French government »… Ben Dawson, a performing pianist with over twenty years of experience, has not left the country that stifled the cultural arena. And here is a “double penalty” which just came into force on 1 January with Brexit and the end of freedom of movement for artists.

Lots of red tape

« Here is the problem, This Ben Dawson, There will be a lot of red tape. Some countries have already stated that they are not going to apply for a visa, others that they may need one, others it will be mandatory. For those who require one, it will be necessary to fill the bus at the airport, for others, a request 30 days in advance. Which, for someone like me, is a very special problem: a large part of my work is decided at the last minute, whether it is to do something or simply to change someone. »

There is usually no light at the end of the tunnel and twenty-five days of work for Ben Dawson, usually 200, compared to last year. A British petition is already calling for talks with the European Union for free work permits for artists. There are 100,000 signatures to debate in Parliament. This petition has already collected more than double.

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270 euro to stay in the UK for more than three months

European artists and technicians who wish to perform in the United Kingdom will not require a visa if their stay is less than three months, but beyond that, they will have to pay £ 244, approximately 270 euros. And 800 pounds, or about 900 euros, for a quick process.

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