Cruella showed herself in the first trailer

Cruella Soon his film will be entitled, a film that will return to the core of the character and we hope he should show it from a new angle. An online trailer by Disney awaiting its release … is very encouraging right now.

If you’re not dated with your Disney classics, it’s probably best to remember that Kruszela’s character first appeared in a novel published in the 1950s and signed by Dodie Smith: “101 Dalmatians”.

Disney credits

The novel which was adapted to cinema in 1961, with the success that we know it.

Cruella will finally be entitled to her own film

Be careful though, as this film will not be a remake of this first adaptation. In fact, it would rather act as a prequel and hence it would focus on the youth of this controversial character.

Cruella will take place in 70s London, a London facing the full force of the punk rock movement. Estella, a little girl lost and a crook on the edges, will find it in her head to make a name for herself in the fashion world. So she will work together with two other miscreants, who will never leave her.

And that’s when she will meet Baroness von Hellmann, who is a woman of fashion and a ruthless woman. Estella would then slowly allow herself to be attacked by his dark side, so that she could give birth to the ruthless Cruella.

A story about the origin of the character

The pitch is rather solid and it bodes well for a good time in perspective, especially as Disney took the greatest care in casting. Cruella will therefore be played by Emma Stone, who will play Emma Thompson in the role of Barrow.

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And the best part is that you will not have to wait ages to enjoy it as the film will be released on May 28, 2021. However, we do not yet know whether it will release in theaters or directly on Disney +.

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