CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman resigns after George Floyd’s comment

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman said on Tuesday that he resigned furiously due to his inflammatory statements about George Floyd’s death.

The statement stating that Glassman wanted to retire came shortly after. BuzzFeed News published an article By elaborating a Zoom call that Glassman says to the gym owners and employees, Floyd’s death, “We don’t mourn.”

The call was made on Saturday with Glassman’s tweeting about Floyd, a quick reaction, criticism that accused Glassman of racism and shed light on Floyd’s death.

“I created a slit in the CrossFit community on Saturday and unintentionally damaged many of its members,” explains Glassman’s retirement statement. Said.

“I cannot allow my conduct to stand before the duties of KM or affiliates. They are too important to be compromised. “

In the 75-minute call provided by Buzzfeed News, a CrossFit member in Minneapolis, Glassman was asked why the brand did not explain the anti-police brutality protests caused by Floyd’s death.

“Can you tell me why I should mourn for him? Other than that, the white thing to do – give me another reason other than that, ”Glassman replied.

“We don’t mourn for George Floyd – I don’t think I have any employees or employees,” he said.

During the call, Glassman with 16 affiliates and staff questioned the existence of systemic racism and questioned the causes of protesters across the country, according to the exit.

“I doubt that they mourned for Floyd,” said Glassman.

It also apparently collapsed epidemiology as a “social science” by swimming unfounded conspiracy theories about Floyd’s death and coronavirus.

“The Chinese have let this virus out of the lab, and it really happened,” he told US intelligence officials, saying that they did not finalize the virus from the Wuhan Virology Institute.

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Glassman also said that New Yorkers should leave the rest of the state due to the tight locking measures of the Great Apple, and urged the gym owners to pretend to comply with their health duties only when they reopen.

Hours after the call, Glassman responded to a tweet from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Measures and Assessment that described racism and discrimination as “critical public health issues.”

Tweet sparked anger involving Reebook announcing that it would end its partnership with CrossFit Headquarters, and some of the company’s 15,000 subsidiaries said they had broken ties.

CrossFit apologized on Sunday and described Glassman’s words as “not a racist mistake”.

Glassman said, “Floyd is not only a victim, but a hero in the black community. “I had to be sensitive to this and I wasn’t. I’m sorry for that.”

Glassman and CrossFit representatives did not respond to Buzzfeed’s requests to comment on the call.

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