Cross-border activists forgot about vaccination campaign?

The Minister of Health, Paulette Lenert (LSAP) confirmed this during a question / answer session held on YouTube on Wednesday evening (where Jean-Claude Schmidt, along with him Director, Health) intended for the general public, which some journalists understood . His press talk on Monday. Namely, beyond the first phase of vaccination, that related to medical staff and the elderly, Frontier activists are not affected by the remainder of the Luxembourg campaign. “Workers across the border will be vaccinated in their country of origin,” he explained. Justifying this option by the fact that “vaccine orders are calculated according to the number of inhabitants”. The latter is therefore a priority.

Apparently, with more than 200,000 cross-border workers in Luxembourg, such news is sad. Many dissatisfied. It was enough to take a look at social networks in recent hours to realize this. Many do not understand. On the one hand, they contribute to Luxembourg as workers. On the other hand, they are not allowed to vaccinate in this country. Actually your morning coffee has something to swallow and feel hurt. But more than anything else for the principle. Because this feeling of desperation does not stand for cold analysis of the situation. At least, a valid one at this time.

Luxembourg, behind (slightly) its neighbors

Because, for a cross-border worker, the right to vaccinate in Luxembourg is of interest only if he can do so before he offers his place of residence. However, at the moment, we are not really in that perspective. If we take a look at the data compiled (and paused on Tuesday) by the European version of the very reliable US site POLITICO, at the moment, 2.28% of the population of Luxembourg is vaccinated. This is less than 2.53% for France, 2.82% for Belgium and 3.24% for Germany. By zooming in more specifically on areas of the “Greater Region”, we find more or less similar figures: 2.32% in Saarland, 3.50% in the Rhineland-Palatinate, 2.15% in the French Moselle and 2.68% in the Merte-et-Moselle (data ) Is not available for the Luxembourg province of Belgium).

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European Union Logic

So all are kept in pocket square. Which seems logical when we remember that the European Union distributes the vaccine supplements it receives and in proportion to the population of each country. All EU states are therefore expected to move at a more or less equal pace.

It should be added that the vaccination campaign policies in the three countries around Luxembourg are broadly comparable to the Betel government. Medical personnel and the elderly are treated from time to time before prioritization decreases based on several categories, depending on age categories and the varying degrees of vulnerability associated with Kovid-19 infection. We can thus keep in mind that in these various campaigns, people of working age will therefore be called in final each time. Immunization of cross-border workers is still a long way to go. And then a lot can happen…

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