Crisis 2 reportedly remade in development

after a Crisis Remastered Published in late 2020, it seems that Cryotek is now teasing us with its sequel … It is through their Twitter account that the German developer began its communication. The first tweet published on 20 May presents us with just one sentence: They used to call me prophet. A line of dialogue taken directly from the second game. The emoji here is “to see”. The next day, another tweet hits the head, one of which Crisis 2.

And the next day:

And Crisis 2 Remodeled Is actually in development, it would be only half the surprise. Ultimately, the series includes a trilogy, without forgetting the fact that the first part pretty much captured the news when released. Even if the technology could be improved, its pseudo-next-gen optimization allowed its Framaret boost, allowing it to be introduced more in 2021. Especially since Crisis Remastered First offered ray tracing software on Xbox One. For this sequel, the actual Xbox Series X | With the S adaptation, hopefully there will be a lot of effort to woo fans!

Crisis Remastered Trailer :

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