Criminal computer attacks occurred last year

Criminal computer attacks against companies or institutions occurred in France last year, said on Monday, January 11, Guillaume Poupard, director general of Anssi, protector of the Public Agency for French Computer Security.

«Among the victims calling Anssi, with whom we are in contact, a figurehead: 50 operations in 2019, 200 in 2020, so this is X4», He announced on BFM Business. “So really is a blast“, Underscored the boss of the national agency for the protection of information systems.”Exponential curve, unfortunately we’re on it, and it worries us a lot», He remarked.

Poupard noted “Inventions from attackers” more “Actors who have been attacked, who have reacted and who are strengthening the security of their system, we see that in the long term they attack much less than others, at least as a result of the attacks In context», He underlined. In early September, Anssi and the Ministry of Justice published a practical guide on ransomware in the form of a wake-up call, a type of computer attack that “Explode and restores itself“. In such an attack, hackers block the data and pay a ransom to unblock it.

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