Cricket was invented in Pas-de-Calais? Respond to “shocking”, English

Our country is not famous for being a fan of cricket, yet the oldest historical trace of the game was found Pas-de-Calais, Liettres. in, A real buzzword across the channel.

How shocking? The British do not want to believe this. game so British Which cricket could have been invented in France… in any case, it is a letter addressed to King Louis XI and which mentions a man who died during a cricket match at the Chateau de Litres. Date 1478, so this would be the oldest written record of the game. In England, the earliest dates from 1550.

This discovery by an English historian at the National Archives in Paris (a copy can be seen in the litres) actually dates back ten years. but the team lily cricketwho is hosting a tournament this weekend The Village of Litres, Pas-de-Calais, Captured it to discuss. , We do not claim the paternity of the game, it is certain that it is England that codified modern cricket.”The club director explains Philip Dethoor,

But perhaps the origin of cricket would be French, “cricket”, in Old French meaning stick. Others say that it was invented by Kentish shepherds while playing with their sticks. An age-old debate that brought the club further disrepute (it is the only one in the area) and hopes to benefit the village of 300 residents who want to attract tourists in this way.

And it seems to be working given the decline of the media since the publication of this press release. Tabloids like The Serious the Independent, Via The Express (is this a joke?), or the Daily Star (“These cheeky French people claim to have invented cricket”). All Great Britain is talking about it and information has been taken in Ireland, but also in India (bottom of the video at around 8.20 pm), in Pakistan or even in the English-speaking Caribbean.

India Today: The Origin of Cricket

This weekend, Lille Cricket will take on English club Whitstable and Belgian club Ghent in a tournament. The English media is already expected and they expect a large audience…

But what is cricket?

Cricket is a collective sport practiced with bat and ball. It pits two teams of eleven players each who aim to score more runs than the opposing team. It is played on an oval-shaped grass field, in the center of which is an area about twenty meters long, called a “pitch”, with two wickets at each end, held by three sticks above 2 cleats. gets made. ‘You have to knock to finish the beater. A game is divided into several innings in which one team bats and the other pitches, and vice versa. Mark
Run (Run) A team consists of two batsmen on the field together, each in front of a wicket. Each time the hit ball is in play a point is scored exclusively when these two players exchange positions. Four points are scored when the ball leaves the playing area, and six points straight. A batsman is eliminated when the ball hits the wicket behind him (balled), when the hit ball is caught (caught) in flight, when the wicket is destroyed while the batsman is out of the safe zone. Is (run out and stumped) or at handicap (leg before wicket).

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