Cricket is faltering in England

The practice of this symbolic game of England is in free fall. To raise the bar, the federation is relying on a large pool of women and youth from the Indian subcontinent along with two major competitions to be held in the country this summer.

The Bat and Ball Bartender [la batte et la balle] Can’t believe he likes cricket. “I’ve never seen it, I’ve never played it”, he believes. It’s a shame because the game grew up near their pub. The first first-class cricket match was played in 1772 at Broadhalfpenny Down, across the road. At that time 20,000 spectators came to watch the Hambledon club match.

The reserve team will face Portsmouth that Saturday. There are five spectators. The players are old and young. Hambledon struggled to make a team. The younger was playing for his private school, the older had already gone back to university. The club is not the only one struggling. There were eight losers in the league this weekend. In the past, three packages in a season resulted in relegation but we had to remove this rule: too many teams suffered.

20% drop in behavior

hampshire league [sud de l’Angleterre] Until recently was the largest in the world. ,I can name you twenty clubs that have made cut teams in the last five years.”, sorry Mark Le-Clerk, president of Hambledon. The problem affects the whole country. According to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), practice of the sport has declined by 8% in three years. At least if we take into account the players who play only once a year; For those who play once a month, the reduction is 20%.

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The World Cup takes place from late May to mid-July [elle a été remportée par l’Angleterre pour la première fois de son histoire] And the country welcomes the ashes [une série de matchs opposant l’équipe d’Angleterre à l’équipe d’Australie] in August. Both these events are the most important in cricket and England is the favorite of both. We’ll hear a lot about its victories and defeats, less about what’s going on downstairs in villages, small towns and counties. According to ECB executive director Tom Harrison, these deadlines indicate “An opportunity as only once in a generation” To revive cricket across the country, but Le-Clerk does not know whether it will affect his club. “Tickets are very expensive and matches will only be shown on Sky” [une chaîne payante du bouquet satellite]That’s why not many people will be able to see him.”

Viewers not ready to pay

The last time Hambledon saw renewed interest was in 2005 when the Ashes was shown on Channel 4. [une chaîne gratuite] and attracted an average of 2.76 million visitors per day. According to Sport England [un organisme public chargé de promouvoir le sport]In 2006, 195,200 adults played cricket each week. Then we had to pay to watch matches on the small screen. Ten years later, in 2015, The Ashes had an average of 360,444 daily viewers and a weekly attendance of 158,500.

Harrison hopes England’s success will create a huge wave of excitement


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