Cricket in South Africa – no longer a game for whites

Another South African sport, cricket has long been played only by whites. Now, efforts are being made to increase diversity in the game by enlisting only black and colored players in the team. If you want to explore inequality in South Africa, watch cricket. In theory, everything that is wrong in South Africa is found in cricket.

It may seem strange that cricket is the third most popular sport in the world as we know it twins, But in reality it is so. The main reason for this is that most of the cricket is played and followed in highly populated countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The game is also very popular in England, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean.

cricket world cup

The Cricket World Cup recently ended and the South Africa national team fell in the semi-final against New Zealand. We visited Soweto Cricket Club, one of the oldest black cricket clubs in South Africa. club produced many big stars Black Cricket.

But despite the fact that many people here dream of becoming stars of the national team, they feel opposed because of the color of their skin.

Almost only white people are chosen for the biggest teams. Looks like they’re bringing in some black people just because they have to.

upper class criticism

Very few black players have managed to make it to the South African national team. To replace this, quotas were introduced at the club level. The rules have recently been tightened so that each club representing a large field must have six non-white players, of whom at least three must be black.

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Critics say that the white upper class in South Africa wants to keep cricket to itself. And there are deep historical and cultural reasons for this.

Cricket Represents the finest British sporting tradition. In theory, all players in the UK come from top private schools where cricket is played daily. South Africa is the mirror.

It is reported that hardly any company sponsors cricket clubs in the black regions of South Africa, while white clubs receive a lot of money.

If there is a white agenda?

On the other hand, football clubs in Soweto make a lot of money. This makes me wonder if there is an agenda behind the white business community in South Africa. That they like to watch black people play football.

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