Creators The Crown Turns Down ‘Early’ Sarah Ferguson’s Help

The flamboyant Sara also thought that she rarely appears in the popular Netflix series. That’s why he approached producers in an effort to give actress Jessica Aquilina a bigger role. “I offered to help them,” she says. “To better understand the life behind the walls of Buckingham Palace.” However, the streaming service was not waiting for him. “He refused my help.”

Although Crown While not waiting for her input, another story from Sarah will probably be on the Tube soon: that from her first novel. His heart for a compass. For example, a streaming service would already be interested in a series like this. bridgerton to make it. Sara’s story is like a historical drama.

The book will be released in the United Kingdom and the United States in early August and is based on one of her ancestors. “I’ve been researching my family’s history over the years using the Royal Archives. As a result, the book has a lot of Victorian-era details. I’ve also taken a look at my own life story and experiences. So this one It’s the story that really touches me. It’s the heart.”

This is not the first time Sara has published a book. She already has several children’s books and a few non-fiction books to her name. He also started his career in Hollywood as one of the producers of the film young victoria, About the early years of Queen Victoria – great-grandmother of the current British Queen Elizabeth.

The fifth part of will be released soon Crown. Justin Marcella updates you on the content of the highly anticipated season below:

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