Coworkers Kiwi Just Want To Be Called Aide Julie

Worst, his boss started it, then other employees took over. Savage eventually quit his job and sued his boss.

But an Australian judge has now ruled that the word ‘kiwi’ does not yet constitute discrimination. Savage was not disadvantaged as defined in the Australian Equal Treatment Act.

Furthermore, the judge said, the term ‘kiwi’ is more likely to be understood in New Zealand as a sign of affection. “The word kiwi is not offensive in itself.”


‘Snipstruis’ is a New Zealand national bird in Kiwi, Dutch. And in fact, if you browse news from New Zealand, you will come across terms Kiwi dollars To describe the national currency, orKiwi coach For national coach in rugby. The New Zealand government is doing all it can to promote the word ‘kiwi’ properly.

The South Australian Equality Commissioner, Nikki Vincent, who referred the matter to court, accepted the decision in an interview with ABC Radio Adelaide. “We don’t want to keep going.” But if someone gets hurt by a nickname and doesn’t like it and asks them to stop being called, that’s what you do in a respectful work environment, you don’t call them anymore. ”

The owner of the bakery where Julie worked, Willie Millicits was pleased with the decision. He fled Australia from Hungary in 1958, after he had managed to flee his homeland during the Hungarian uprising in 1956. He also stated that all surnames had to be endured after the trial.

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