Covid UK, one in 25 infected a week before Christmas

One in 25 citizens in England contracted the Covid-19 infection in the week leading up to Christmas. To substantiate this, data recently released by the Office for National Statistics and published by “The Guardian.” Experts pointed out that infection rates have risen in all age groups, with the highest rates recorded among school-age children and young adults. According to what emerged, in general, the coronavirus infection rate in all four countries of the United Kingdom has increased equally, again looking at the period just before 25 December last.

England prepares temporary field hospital


Coronavirus in Italy and the world: today’s news 31 December. Live

The spread of the Omicron version of the Sars-Cov-2 virus also contributed to the new wave of cases. For this reason and the ever-increasing need for beds for the sick, to deal with the ongoing health emergency, England is now set to set up temporary field hospitals. The country’s National Health Service (NHS) announced this. Notably, the areas in which to build, from these hours, have already been identified new structures designed to accommodate about 100 patients. In fact, the sites of eight city hospitals, including London, Bristol and Leeds, were chosen. Extra beds have been organised, the NHS reported again, for patients recovering from illnesses that no longer have Covid-19, to free up space and personnel for coronavirus patients.

Do-it-yourself tampons are rare, that’s the controversy

The moment of difficulty is inspired, among other things, by the recent controversy concerning the United Kingdom, which has been linked to a lack of rapid assays and the molecular tests used to identify, via a swab, positivity or not for covid- 19.. Government sites that allow citizens to request them have repeatedly reported a lack of availability of tampons, as well as the number of infections, seeing a rapid increase in requests The advent of holidays, both because of the rise in numbers and the need to be able to test oneself widely. It was Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself who advised all British citizens to take a swab before gathering for the ceremony. But, as the Labor opposition has also reiterated, the availability of tests appears to be dwindling. Some experts, in this context, have already reported how this shortfall could have detrimental consequences for year-end parties. The health minister, Sajid Javid, wanted to reassure: the British government should, in fact, triple the supply of rapid testing to 300 million by February, but he specified that, as current shortages persist, this would be expected. That “will have to limit the system” over the next two weeks.

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