Covid: Scotland has a record number of new viruses

Covid: Scotland has a record number of new viruses

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There have been 486 new cases of coronavirus recorded in Scotland – the highest daily total since the outbreak began.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the figures were there, and stressed why new restrictions were imposed.

But he said it was important to remember that many more people are now being tested than at the peak of the year.

Of the new cases, 224 were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 107 in Lancashire and 57 in Lothian, Mess Starzan said.

The number of positive tests was 103 more than the figures recorded on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases in Scotland to 25,495.

Ms Starjan said the numbers included a “significant” outbreak at the University of Glasgow in Greater Glasgow and the Clyde area.

  • The latest update on coronavirus in Scotland
  • Home meetings are banned across Scotland

SMS Sturgeon warns that people across Scotland have been banned from visiting other people’s homes from today, risking the virus “getting out of control” unless urgent action is taken.

The move, which has already taken effect in Glasgow and other areas west of the squadron, means the country has more stringent coronavirus restrictions than England, where people can still meet in groups of up to six people in one house.

The newly confirmed case of Kovid-19

Like England, Scotland will impose a curfew on pubs and restaurants from Friday until 10pm – a warning that trade could cost jobs and force some places to close altogether.

Scotland is currently conducting tests about 10 times more per day than the height of the outbreak in April.

Speaking at his daily briefing on Wednesday, the first minister said: “The total number of positive cases reported yesterday is 466 – in one day we have recorded the most positive incidents so far.

“It must be remembered that more people are being tested now than during the spring.

“Nevertheless, today’s number represents newly tested people. That% is obviously a real cause for concern, but it also covers why we took very decisive and very drastic action yesterday.”

Messrs. Sturgeon also hinted that if he “has the power to bring more financial firepower to reduce jobs and economic impact” he will take drastic action in pubs.

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Many pub and restaurant owners have criticized plans to impose a curfew from Friday until 10 p.m.

Ms Starzan said at the end of June that she believed Scotland was not far from eradicating the virus.

On Wednesday, he said he understood why the country now felt “back to square one” after the new nationwide ban on travel to other countries.

However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

  • Curfew can be a ‘fatal blow’ for some pubs and bars

The first minister said: “To begin with, the steps we have taken to curb the virus in the summer mean that we have faced this resurgence from the bottom up.

“It’s important, and it’s a complete lockdown restriction and thanks to all the people who have accepted the sacrifice.”

He said the increase in the number of cases has accelerated, but was still not that fast compared to the year before.

And he stressed that the country’s test and safety communications tracing system is “working well” and has succeeded in breaking the infection chain.

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A protest was held outside the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday against the continued closure of soft play facilities across Scotland.

But Monica Lennon, MSP of Scottish Labor, said the search and testing system for communication had struggled since the schools returned in August, adding that hospitals, care homes and schools still did not have adequate routine testing.

He also called for routine testing at universities, adding: “I think we need to be much more ambitious when it comes to testing in Scotland and across the UK.”

Mrs Lennon said: “We are not getting enough tests yet. All we need to see in the coming days and weeks is mass testing.

“We are in response mode and we did not have the foresight to take action.”

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All 500 students at Parker House in Dundee are self-contained

Several universities across Scotland have been dealing with the outbreak of the virus in recent days – 500 students at a Dundee residence have been told to self-destruct after a positive case and several suspicious cases have been published.

In order to appeal directly to students, Ms. Starzan said they must follow the rules regarding self-separation if asked to do so.

He said the government would not hesitate to tighten the rules of colleges and universities if necessary.

The first minister added: “As we have seen in the last few days, covid sharing systems and residential halls can spread very quickly.

“So please follow the rules of self-separation, take all the advice given and confirm it as you asked.”

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