COVID: Media, United Kingdom Towards Abolition of Green Pass – Last Time

(ANSA) – LONDON, January 14 – The British government is moving to abolish the Green Pass in England, which was introduced a month ago only for entrance to discos and mass events.

This could happen on January 26, when the anti-Covid measures envisaged by the so-called Plan B to counter the Omicron variant will be reviewed. This is what we read in the media in the United Kingdom, according to which the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, may have shared a strong impatience towards the certificate already expressed by many conservative deputies, especially the hundred who voted against its introduction Was. In a sign of open rebellion against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Chamber of Municipalities (only approved thanks to Labor opposition votes).

It is also believed that dropping the work-from-home sign is another measure provided for in Plan B’s restrictions, while it will remain for the use of masks for public transport and shops. This is in light of the “encouraging signs”, as Javid said yesterday, that are coming: Infections are decreasing on a weekly basis, as are hospital admissions, while according to many scientists, the Omicron version of the coronavirus is spreading. The wave has arrived. It is at its peak and now the United Kingdom is on its way out of a difficult period. Meanwhile, Scotland and Wales have already eased some of their restrictions. (the handle).

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