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Rome, 23 June 2021 – From 22 August the football championship will be able to resume 25% of the audience in attendance In stadiums: Under Secretary for Health said so, andrea costa, in the ‘Punto Nuovo Sport Show’ broadcast by Radio Punto Nuovo. Regarding the championship with the stadiums open, he said again “We spoke with Minister Speranza this morning and for the next season I can inform you that it will start on 22 August with 25% of the public in attendance”. . Costa said that “there will be a gradual progress” and “is expected to arrive with a percentage increase in the next weeks. Next season, then it will be with the public in attendance and not less than 25%. This discretion, a sense of responsibility.” But it has never been lacking at Italian nationals. Finally, at the European Football Championships, Costa commented: “I don’t see options for matches in London, as a European citizen, I hope Everything will remain like this. It would be good for everyone not to have a complicated situation in Europe.”

Meanwhile, in yesterday’s survey, they were 835 test positive of coronavirus In ItalyAccording to the data of the Ministry of Health. Instead, there were 31 victims a day.

delta version

Italy is ranked fifth in the world for Percent because of cases delta version Contains coronavirus, 26%, according to Financial Times estimates for the period Between 1 January to 16 June 2021; That marks an increase of 9% according to the Senge-Advanced Biotechnology Center’s estimates for the previous month and 3.4% as a result of analysis relating to the period between May 15 and June 16. In both cases the source is the international database Gisaid, in which all countries of the world accumulate the genetic sequences of the SarsCoV2 virus.

for virologists Andrea Crescenti “The delta version of the Sars-CoV-2 is destined to become dominant in Italy. If what the British said is true, that it has a high transmission index, it is clear that it has a competitive advantage and will therefore expand”.

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Covid Italy June 21, 495 cases and 21 deaths: Least infections

rate of positivity

As of yesterday, June 21, Italy had conducted 192,882 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, according to health ministry data. Yesterday there were 81,752. The positivity rate is 0.43%, up from 0.61% yesterday.

Intensive care: the decline in hospitalizations

Also as of 21 June, 362 patients were hospitalized in Italy in intensive care for COVID, with a 23 reduction in the daily balance between entry and exit compared to the previous day. According to health ministry data, daily admissions were 10 (yesterday they were 9). The number of symptomatic hospitalized patients in the general ward is 2,289, which is 101 units less than yesterday

vaccine dose

In Italy, 46,812,413 doses of vaccine against COVID have been given, of which 93.0% have been given, which is equivalent to 50,318,612 doses. In detail, 33,746,338 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech Serum were delivered, 9,672,886 of Vaxjeveria (AstraZeneca), 5,013,782 of Moderna and 1,885,606 of Janssen. This is what we read in the report of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Health Emergencies, updated today at 17:09. Regionally, Lombardy is the most virtuous region, recording 95.7% of the ratio between the administered dose and the delivered dose. Marche (95%) and Puglia (94.9%) follow. At the bottom of the ‘ranking’ we find Sardinia (86.6%), then Calabria (87.5%) and Sicily (89.8%). Administration was carried out at 2,712 main points throughout Italy. Those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 16,173,259, 29.95% of the population over 12.

white area

almost all over the country white area And no curfew from tomorrow and very soon without the obligation to wear a mask outside. The latest symbol of covid is also about to fall in Italy after the decision by the CTS and the government to remove the obligation of open air (except in crowded situations) starting from 28 June.

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rest of europe

Smiley measures on the abolition of outdoor masks have come as recently as in Spain (from 26 June) or in France since last Thursday. However, in the rest of Europe, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and some German landers have never been obliged, as in the United Kingdom. The Technical Scientific Committee is also called to decide on the opening of the disco, a subject on which – after the first meeting – the CTS reserved further investigation: this reopening was also ordered by the government from early July. Can and of course Green Pass compulsion

Vaccine Theme

“Let’s read the results this way: It’s normal that the 7 vaccines we developed in one year and the two that came later had problems. curevac “On effectiveness, which was 47%, below expectations and below the Indicative Breakthrough Limit,” EA Sanofic In which there were technical problems and delays. other side We have 5 other vaccines, If we also include Novavax which has got good results, which work very well. If all 7 had worked, I would have said that we as a human race would have an impossible fate. This is all normal. It is normal for any of the 3 mRNA vaccines to cause a problem. This is not a play. So in Adnkronos Salute Immunologist Sergio Abrignani of the State University of Milan and members of the techno-scientific committee for the coronavirus emergency, comment on the interim results reported by CureVac.

“We’ll see what it is. There could be at least 5-6 reasons why a vaccine isn’t working in Phase 3. We’ll see if it’s formulation, dosage, or more predictable than Phase 1 data. The company probably already does this. He knows. I’ve worked in the field of vaccines for 20 years and I can say that it’s completely normal for someone to get into stage 3, or have a problem with stage 1 like Sanofi. Luckily the first vaccine we got a lot of Well done. Well done. Otherwise I imagine if there was a problem, the depression we would have tried in that context. Today is different. We have vaccines. Now CureVac can “fix” the shot and get to the finish line But we have to understand what the problem is. Everything is repairable, it depends on how long it takes”, Abrignani reasons. “One problem to which CureVac’s less expected outcome was attributed is the presence of variants, but the answer is this It is reported that Novavax also worked 60-70% against the South African version, which is the most problematic. And Pfizer is also against it. In Indian it seems to have an efficacy of 79-80% in GB. At CureVac we are waiting for the definitive data. But remember this is not a drama, we have enough vaccines and others will come such as Novavax and Sanofi. Now we have fantastic ones and they are increasing the production capacity”.

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state of emergency

“I am completely in favor of the extension of the state of emergency. It is not over, although we are certainly in a positive phase. But, in the world, the pandemic is still there. In 2021 it has more than in 2020. Caused deaths. So we have to continue. Be careful.” Walter Ricciardi, adviser to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, told Adancronos Health on December 31 about a possible extension of the emergency that ends on July 31.

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