Covid: In the United Kingdom, measures in retirement homes were inadequate, says justice

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Boris Johnson and his health minister, at the start of the Covid pandemic, Matt Hancock had their policy for care homes ruled ‘illegal’ by the High Court in London (file photo taken at the workshop near Nottingham in November 2019).

Coronavirus – so Boris Johnson’s anti-Covid measures were insufficient. This Wednesday, 27 April, the High Court in London ruled that the British government had failed to protect residents of care homes from Covid-19 when it allowed people in hospital to return to these establishments without prior screening . ,

Two Britons, whose father died of Covid, took the British government and English health officials to court, accusing them of authorizing these returns at the start of the pandemic, which contributed to the spread of the virus among vulnerable populations .

At that time, Boris Johnson had also made a scandal accusing these establishments of not properly implementing the suggested protocols to deal with the epidemic.

“Illegal” Sanitary Measures

In a ruling on Wednesday, two judges of the High Court concluded that the policies adopted by the government in March and early April 2020 were “unlawful” as they failed to take into account the risks of asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

He said that despite “raising awareness” about the risk of asymptomatic transmission in March 2020, “no evidence” shows that then-Health Minister Matt Hancock considered the risk to residents. retirement home. Even asymptomatic, patients returning from the hospital at this time, “should, as far as possible, be kept away from other residents for 14 days”, the judges say.

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Lawyers for the two complainants—Kathy Gardner, 60, and Fay Harris, 58—master Jason Koppel, told the hearing that more than 20,000 elderly or disabled people living in these establishments have died of Covid-19 in England and Wales. Went. Between March and June 2020. He said the “government’s failure” to protect this “particularly vulnerable” population was one of the most serious and damaging political failures of the modern era.

Bozo and his then health minister defend themselves

“I wasted precious years with my wonderful father. I left her fit, healthy and happy on March 22, 2020, when her nursing home was closed. She should have been safe and protected, but I never saw or talked to her again,” Fay Harris said, adding that “many people died of COVID in her nursing home”.

In the House of Commons on Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was an “incredibly difficult time” and “we don’t know much about the disease”.

A spokesman for Matt Hancock claimed the High Court found they had acted appropriately but that health officials in England “did not tell ministers what they knew about asymptomatic transmission”. “Mr Hancock has often said that he wants this to come to his attention sooner,” his spokesman said.

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