Covid in Great Britain, new peak of cases: reopening postponed –

One month of social distancing and more testing.

Britain plans to reopen – which was set for June 21, according to British newspaper reports from government sources Guardian.

There has been news that cases of coronavirus are increasing in England.

And they are doing so – due to the proliferation of the Delta version, the former “Indian edition” – at a faster pace than this winter, the British newspaper still reports.

In view of the announcement to be made by the Prime Minister on Monday, There was to be a meeting between Boris Johnson and three senior ministers over the weekend: Chancellor, Rishi Sunak; Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove; and the Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock.

Although no final decision has been taken, It is likely that a delay of “two to four weeks” will be necessary, while scientists are already talking about the “peak” again.

“It is clear,” Premier Johnson told Sky News, “that the Indian version is more permeable, and that cases and hospitalizations are rising. We don’t know how many new deaths this data will translate into, but it Tendency creates serious, serious concern».

The situation of Kovid in Italy and the world

New daily infections now rising from 3% to 6% across England, according to data released on Friday, reflects a rate of growth that has not been seen since the rise in cases began late last year. The wave is fueled by cases in the North West, where the daily growth rate has reached 8%, and by London and East England, where the epidemic is rising between 2% and 6%.

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In light of these figures, the British Medical Association has urged the government to delay plans to ease restrictions.”The best protection from vaccines is achieved about two weeks after the second dose., especially with the delta variant, and we will not have an adequately protected population by June 21,” said Dr Chand Nagpaul, president of the BMA.

On Friday 11 June, 8,125 more cases of Kovid were registered in Britain, which have not been seen since the end of February.

role of delta version

What is worrying is that the “Indian” version, recently renamed to “Delta”.

More than 90 percent of new coronavirus cases detected in the UK are related to this virus mutation. British health officials report this by reporting that 42,323 cases of the COVID-19 variant have been diagnosed in the United Kingdom, the first reported in India. This is an increase of 29,892 cases compared to a week earlier, according to data from the British health system.

The delta version is recognized as having a 60 percent higher risk of transmission than the ‘alpha’ version first reported from Kent and is also known as the ‘English version’.

Run-up to second dose

Delay in reopening should take time to measure the impact of infection on hospitalization and administration second dose of vaccine: As indicated at the end of May, in fact, the “Indian” variant is spreading with particular intensity between vaccination and vaccination with a single dose.

As reported in a recent study by Public Health England, in fact, Pfizer-BioNtech and AstraZeneca vaccines against Covid-19 protect against symptomatic disease caused by the Indian version (b.1.617.2)” very effective”, but only after the administration of a second dose. A single dose of both products provides limited protection: only 33% against the Indian version, compared to 50% effectiveness against the English version. With both doses of vaccination, however, the level of protection against both mutations is high and similar.

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Conservative MPs who earlier in the week were optimistic about the prospect of June 21 now say they are pessimistic. A Whitehall source explained Guardian That delay would “provide additional protection to a large portion of the population,” noting that the vaccine’s efficacy against the delta variant increases from 33% at the first dose to about 80% at the second.

“By delay, a large number of people could have avoided ending up in the hospital”, she added. Another source stressed the importance of ensuring that all people over 50 and medically vulnerable get the vaccination they need. And for now there’s no denying 10 Downing Street.

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