“Covid graphs indicate that daily deaths will soon surpass the first wave.”

Although the central forecast remains unchanged, with 5,050 hospitalized and 4,299 hospital admissions per day by December 8, the upper edge of the range has been revised. Instead of 1,500 deaths, it suggests a figure above 1,010, while the top range of daily hospital admissions is reduced from about 9,000 to 6,190.

The changes significantly altered the appearance of the graphs, meaning that shading no longer could dwarf the first wave to die in the week until December 8th.

Professor Henaghan, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, expressed concern that misinformation was “systematically” used to lock up the country, saying: “It really worries me that these issues are important, we are finding that the data Puzzle.

“I don’t know if the data is running fast or what we’re seeing is biased, but what we’re seeing is regulatory. All the errors are consistently one-sided, so you have to ask if it’s intended according to a policy like lockdown. Wants to force. “

He called on ministers to be more transparent, not to “throw” information corrections, adding: “We have entered an era where public consent is essential for public health, and our people need to be properly vaccinated.” Puts. “

The SPI-M estimates of October 26 were a central part of the weekend presentation, as Sir Patrick and Professor Whitty insisted they were more reliable than long-term situations.

Professor Jonathan Van Tam at SPI-M, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London and Professor John Edmunds of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine were all in favor of the national initiative (see National Lockdown in the video below by Boris Johnson). Shows an update).

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